chocolate-fromage blanc brownies

Say you come into a lot of fromage blanc and you've already given away and eaten as much of it as you can. In my opinion, there's only one thing left to do (apart from making your own cheese house): make fromage blanc brownies.

Sunset's version:

our version:
(Bon-Appetempt bonus points* to the first commenter to find and name the dog in the above photo.)

These brownies were fairly simple and straightforward. The only adjustment I would make is to add MORE fromage blanc. Seriously though, the recipe called for 6 ounces, but that only gives you a thin ribbon of cheese-cakey goodness running through the brownie. Next time, I'd really go for it.
All said, these were really good. Justin Bieber good.
Apologies for the mini attempt. But this week will include an additional mini attempt!

*Bon-Appetempt Bonus points not redeemable for cash and to be honest, not really worth anything.

RECIPE via Sunset Magazine:
1/2 cup (1/4 lb.) butter, cut into chunks
6 ounces unsweetened chocolate, finely chopped
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
2 1/4 cups sugar
5 large eggs
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
8 ounces fromage blanc (see notes)

1. In a 2- to 3-quart pan over low heat, stir butter and chocolate until melted and blended. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla and 2 cups sugar. Transfer to a bowl. Add 4 eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in flour and baking powder just until blended.

2. In another bowl, mix fromage blanc and remaining sugar and egg until well blended.

3. Spread half the chocolate mixture level in a buttered and floured 9-inch square baking pan. Pour cheese mixture evenly over chocolate. Drop 1/4-cup portions of remaining chocolate mixture on top, partially, but not completely, covering cheese mixture.

4. Bake brownies in a 325° regular or convection oven until a wooden skewer inserted in the center comes out with moist crumbs attached, 45 to 50 minutes. Let cool in pan on a rack for at least 20 minutes, then cut into 9 squares.


Andrea said...

Dog = Gatsby!!!

Those look really good, like black bottom cake.

Adam Kayce said...

Yum, those look seriously good.

And ugh, Andrea beat me to it! Gatsby!

Heather Taylor said...

those look so great. makes me want to get my bake on!

Matthew said...

Andrea, you are right, it was exactly like black bottom cake -- so good.

Jessica said...

YUMMY. I would kill for one of those brownies. Great job putting your extra fromage to work!

Mary Anne said...


Alice said...

This article and video made me think of you and all your amazing efforts, Amelia. It's how "To Boyl a Capon with Ranioles". http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2010/mar/23/chicken-sweetbread-ravioli-recipe

Megan Taylor said...

sweeeeeeet toooooooooth!

The818 said...

Oh man, these look insanely good.

Marsha and Mark said...

These brownies look delicious. I may have to make a Black Bottom Cake!