While reading How to Cook a Wolf last night

In particular, the chapter on meat (How to Carve the Wolf), Fisher describes her Prune Roast recipe, which other cooks have told her is "not wholly dependable: sometimes the prunes cook to bits; sometimes the sauce is too thin or too thick." And she concludes: "I have never found this to be true, but I do know that no recipe in the world is independent of the tides, the moon, the physical and emotional temperatures surrounding its performance."

This line felt like such a perfect response to my trio of tortilla soups attempts, I just had to include it here. (Also, can someone please braid my hair like this?)


Megan Taylor said...

I made the leek and asparagus lasagna last night...you have to try! I had it for lunch today and I might be having it for dinner tonight. (aka, it might be in the oven heating up right now...) It's that good! I'll have to pull the reins on it for tomorrow though...I don't want to o.d. on asparagus! xoxo

dulci said...

I love that quote.
I'll have to remember it next time something I make comes out gross and barely edible, but I make my boyfriend eat it anyway.