Tools of the Attempt

Dear Readers:
This month's What to Buy Now section from Bon Appetit magazine really got me wanting some products. Then, like usual, it made me want to do my own version.

Since I started this blog over a year and a half ago, my supply of cooking tools and appliances has really expanded—be it through purchases, gifts, and/or things my Grandma has sent me. And well, isn't it time that I share some of the old standbys and newly-acquired faves with you?

their version:

our version:
1. Calendar Cat/Flower Tea Towels / $? These tea towels that my grandma sent me have never let us down. Not only are they semi-absorbent, but they conveniently have calendars from the 1990s printed on them. ebay.com (if you're lucky).

2. Household Gloves / $10-12 No dishwasher? No problem! Psych. I mean, it's still a major problem, but these gloves make my post-attempt life much cozier. And they've got a cotton liner so that when our non-air-conditioned kitchen starts to really heat up and my hands begin to sweat, it's not as gross as it could be. Plus, you can just throw them in the wash when things get really bad. World Market, I think?

3. Vintage copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking / $? I know there aren't any pictures in this book and that that's kind of what Bon Appetempt's whole premise hinges on, but this tome has offered some serious inspiration. Look for my rendition of her croissants very soon! Your local used bookstore?

4. Super Old Pan / $Free? When attempting recipes beyond your skill set and kitchen tool collection and you are still succeeding, I think it's important to remember where you came from. This pan, with a sweet black handle to boot, is an ancient relic from days of yore that Matt and I just can't seem to let go. Garage sale redux.

5. Props / $1 or less You are making matzo ball soup from scratch and your stock has congealed into a thick ice-skating-rink-like schmaltz layer and you are taking pictures of the process and you are like: how can I make this picture funnier? That's when these plastic critters really come in handy. (Both were gifts from friends so, Ashley and Rick, if you're out there, where did you get these?) Friends.

6. T-Shirt / $22 This is an amazing t-shirt a friend gave me, which I plan on making a "my version" of—a Bon Appetempt version to be specific. What do you think? That domestic duck really makes me smile. Made by Amelia.

7. Plastic Cutting Board / $2 Nothing says: "I want to make you as dull as possible, knives." like a cheap, plastic cutting board. Ikea.

8. Heath Studio Mug / $27.50 Truth be told, we can probably go 1 for 1 between our jenky tools and our super sweet dinnerware. Take for example this Heath Ceramics coffee mug in redwood. Heath Ceramics.

9. Napkin Folding / If it weren't for this book, we'd be hopeless at folding napkins. Thanks to Napkin Folding's easy-to-follow guidelines, we can turn stupid, crap napkins into swans, rabbits, princesses, and the coup de grace: the majestic "cockerel," though FOLDER BEWARE re: The Cockerel: "This attractive tablepiece for special occasions consists of The Cock's Comb, Rose and Waterfall folds combined." Bad foldings are dinner-party killers. Let them know it's on. Let them know it's not amateur hour. Napkin Folding! Bargain bins everywhere?

10. The Vivianne / $60 Sixty U.S. dollars for a masterpiece. Enough said. The Ivy Cottage


Mary Anne said...

hahahahaha, you are the greatest person on the planet. thanks for the LAUGHS tonight.

can i borrow that cutting board sometime?

Neal said...

I have never seen those tea towels before! next time I'm over I'll do the dishes just to hold those beautiful things. in the meantime, I'm heading straight to ebay.

Amelia Morris said...

mary anne: yes, you can borrow the cutting board, but you have to PROMISE to return it. :)

neal: i am always happy to show you the whole collection upon request.

Matthew said...

In 1995 those towels were the cat's meow. (pun intended!) Zinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you shared your tools of the attempt!!!! Those t-shirts will be a real hit.