Bon Appetempt on Saveur's Sites We Love!

I'm interrupting the Robyn love-fest with a bit of exciting news: Saveur has included this little space as a site they love in part of an ongoing series aptly titled Sites We Love. It's a great series that has profiled some of my favorite food bloggers. Please check out my interview HERE! But first, let me thank you... Thank you so very much for the recent and not so recent outpouring of love and support! Also thank you to the online team at Saveur. They are seriously the best when it comes to recognizing us bloggers.

p.s. Saveur needed a bio photo. Here are two that Matt and I found that didn't quite make the cut.
By the way, who's that woman on the super serious headphone tour?
Oh, it's my mom.


Matt said...

I couldn't get a single picture of that place w/out you jumping in frame. xoxo

FashionPeeper.blogspot.com said...

:)))) i like this

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious.

Loved your Saveur interview. You are inspiring, Miss Amelia!


Wendy said...

Congrats! Hilarious pics.

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh looking at the pictures.

You are possibly one of my favorite bloggers. :)


Anonymous said...


Mary Anne said...

Totally deserved!!!

More pictures of your mom, please!

Kimberley said...

Well-deserved! And heck yes to Kenny Shopsin.

The Walking Photographer said...

Awesome blog! Love the Photos :)
Congratz for being in the blogs of note!

Check out/Follow my blog?


The Walking Photographer :)

Neil Butterfield said...

Pics are stunning!

Giosh869 said...

the photo makes me very hungry...greetings gio from verona

Karena said...

So thrilled to find your site. Love your video below, you make me smile!


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commoncents said...

Congratulations of being chosen a Blog of Note!!

Common Cents

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S Kitten said...

I love this post :D Awesome pics. :D

Anonymous said...

Is that you Bamee?

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Awesome! I love when great talent is recognized.

Ali :D said...

I like this blog, its yumm