Today we leave for Portland, Maine for a family wedding, but before we go, I thought I’d let you know what we’ve been up to. In the best moments, hair-wise, it has looked like the above.

In the worst moments, it has looked different. But I don't have any pictures to show you. Sorry! That’s just how the Internet works.

Or, put another way by writer Eva Saulitis in her fantastic essay, "When No One is Watching" from the August issue of The Sun magazine:

"This morning someone posted a video on Facebook of two young women salsa dancing. They were sexy and completely at home in their bodies. Before I saw those dancers, I'd thought I was over being called "sir," had added it to my collection of peculiar cancer anecdotes. But the video unsettled me. I'm a self-conscious dancer. I've never inhabited my body in that fashion. I wouldn't say I'm nostalgic for my twenties—I like being fifty-two—but I was envious of those women's relationships to their bodies, of the easy way they moved together, of the way their dance communicated a message people want to hear: life, not death."

This is also why our Teddy Ages 0-1 video now has over 1 million views. (This is also why we're having another baby!) (And maybe explains why, on a whim, I checked out a Danielle Steele novel from the library?) (It's a digital copy, which makes it somewhat less embarrassing, I think.)

Though I don't have any new recipes to share today, the good news is that I have been doing some cooking. In fact, Matt and I are now working with the website mom.me. In the next few weeks, I hope to share with you the inaugural episode of our new cooking show: "In the Kitchen with Amelia and Teddy." A goal of the show is to highlight recipes that we actually make on a regular basis. Thus, the first episode is pizza. I would also love to do an episode on picking up takeout from Pine & Crane, the most delicious Taiwanese-Chinese food you will ever eat—ever!
The last thing we've been up to is taking Teddy to the zoo. Well, Matt has been doing this. (Every Sunday morning, I teach a writing class in our living room and Matt and Teddy go to the zoo.) Teddy is 19-months-old now and his language is exploding, so it's been a lot of fun/ amazing to hear all about the animals he saw. (He's mostly obsessed with the lions.) (Matt is showing his true colors as a complete and total softy, purchasing Teddy both a stuffed lion and a stuffed monkey at the zoo's gift shop.)

OK, time to pack. See you soon!


Matthew said...

Vacation!! xoxoxoxooxox

Unknown said...

Portland is my hometown!! Have a blast! You'll love it!

sg said...

excited to see the new videos and checking out that site! xo

PJ said...

Have a good time in Portland! A new show sounds fun!

BG1 said...

Congratulations Amy-girl and Matt and Teddy. Sounds like many exciting changes, esp the new little one in progress. Looking forward to your cooking show.

Unknown said...

Have so much fun in Portland! One of my fav spots.

If you're there and have extra time, I highly recommend:
-A lobster boat tour of Casco Bay (they let you haul in the pots, your hands smell like lobster for days, but it's so worth it)
-Lunch at Duck Fat (duck fat french fries and house made soda)
-Dinner at Eventide Oyster
-Lobster Roll in Cape Elizabeth at the Lobster Shack, or a fun hike / playground experience at Portland Head light (perfect for Teddy-sized kids)
-Shopping / pub crawl in old port (Gritty's for beer, Judith for shopping, among other cute shops)

Amelia Morris said...

@Caryn You're right: I love it here! Even the rain!

@Mrs. garrity Thank youuuu!! xoxox

@Kaitlin M Thanks!! Pretty sure we are eating at Duck Fat tonight. :) :) Can't wait!

Ronda said...

caught your new video....Teddy has totally mastered prepping the counter with flour! Congrats on this new endeavor!

SarahCatherine said...

"In the worst moments, it has looked different. But I don't have any pictures to show you. Sorry! That’s just how the Internet works."

Well said. Also, that quote from the The Sun! Whenever I get my hands on that magazine, I'm always stuck in a daze long after, rethinking about the lines I read. Glad to see I'm not the only one.