bon appétempt gone global: the poke cake story

So, my sister-in-law, Andrea, did her very own cake attempt recently, and I just had to include it here. The recipe came to Andrea via Cook's Country TV, and here's their version:See those pokes? That's Jell-O! Apparently in the late sixties, pre-Bill Cosby and the focus on the fact that their product wiggles, Jell-O was struggling to find its marketing voice and so, invented this cake to help bolster their sales. I don't know if it worked or not, but can't you completely see Betty Draper serving this up?

(Sigh, poor Betty. Hang in there!)

And, here, in 2009, is Andrea's version:
Now, I know that Andrea has described her pokes as not as defined as the above Cook's Country version, but given the fact that I just threw away the rest of those soggy, ill-baked heartcakes from last week, I'm going to file this under success (and Bill Cosby).


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite cake.

Andrea said...

I feel honored to just be a part of this blaaag.