The Dawn of a New Era

As promised, I have news, blog-changing news. As previously mentioned, I am moving (this blog post is coming at you from the Forrest City, Arkansas Hampton Inn) and in the process, have managed to acquire something, something amazing. Can you see it among the moving mess?

Here's a close-up:
This changes everything.


Andrea said...

You're really going to need the bowl attachment if you really want to maximize the KitchenAid's power.

Mary Anne said...

I was reading my Joy of Cooking this morning, which I do from time to time, and I found a recipe for the most ridiculous dessert ever: a charlotte.

I feel that if you can find a picture recipe of a charlotte, for the before shot, this may be one for your next ridiculous/unfair attempt.

Heather Taylor said...

ooooh SNAP!!

Jodi said...

YAY!!! that's the same one I have! let's have a play date for them!