Does it Count as Tackling Something Semi-Ridiculous if Working From a Recipe From Real Simple Magazine?

Well, I'm counting it. 1. because it still involved doing something I'd never done before, which is make pizza from frozen pizza dough. AND 2. because I'm driving cross country in two days, so cut me some slack, please. Thanks!

my version:

It all started with four balls of frozen pizza dough, which had to thaw for 6 hours.

Matt enjoyed tossing the thawed dough in the air to the tune of "So you want to make a pizza, yum, yum, yum!" You guys know that one? I didn't.

We forgot to take pictures of the rolling-out process, but here is one of Matt's knife skillzz.
Italian food is pretty.

I wish I had a digital recorder so that you could click on this and hear that pizza song. Yum Yum YUMMMMMMM.

COMING SOON: pictures of something that is going to change the face of Bon Appétempt as we know it.


Matt said...

Our pizza looked and tasted better than real simple's. Can't wait to see the pics that are going to change the face of Bon Appetempt!

Heather Taylor said...

this is a definite SUCCESS! looks delish. alex and i have made pizza twice this week. have a good cross country drive!

Jodi said...

Yum...this looks so good! make one for me when you get here?

Andrea said...

Your pizza looks way better. I am humming, "So you want to make a pizza!!!" You should see if Mombers and Dadbers have the tape.

Andrea said...

P.S. If you guys have a Trader Joe's close to you in LA, they have refrigerated fresh pizza dough for $1 (whole wheat and regular).