Gourmet's Cardamom Milk Pudding: Not a Fan

Matt and I take a bite of our version. We think about it. We take another bite. We look at each other and frown.
"The picture made it look so good," I say.
"Really? I thought the picture just looked like milk in a glass."

I think I was also wooed by the cardamom. I have great memories of a cardamom ice cream I had in Baltimore. Here it is slightly crushed via the proven hammer method.

We then tossed that into the milk mixture and let it come to just a boil.

Oh and the arrowroot sounded cool when I first read the recipe, but it turned out to be just a thickening agent. Here it is getting added to the sugar...

which we added to the milk mixture and brought to a simmer. The next steps were to sift out the cardamom bits and then, let it chill.

It looked good to me.

Pistachios, too, had to be a reason for attempting this one.
But ultimately, it was the texture we couldn't get over. This is super gross, so beware, but to be true to the reenactment, this is exactly what Matt had to say about its texture: "Phlegmy, isn't it?"


Heather Taylor said...

i was just drooling over this on gourmet.com. guess i won't be making it anytime soon! i don't know why the picture looks so seductive - cause when you think about it, it really does just look like a glass of milk. booooo

Andrea said...

I don't think Henry would mind the phlegmy texture.

Matt said...

Not so good. :-( Can't wait for the next attempt!

Mary Anne said...


i also can't wait for the next attempt.

but i need to know... where did you have the cardamom ice cream in Baltimore? was i there? did i also get a fancy ice cream? i recollect only getting ice cream twice in Baltimore. Once in Towson i think, and once at that place on St. Paul Street. PLEASE clarify this memory for me. Thx.

the shut-ins said...

Looks like that SPECIAL DRINK Ruth Gordon brought over to Mia Farrow every day in Rosemary's Baby!!

Plus : "cardamom" and "arrowroot"?? Are you now in a coven? wtf????

We shut-ins are more afraid than ever...