Gourmet's Raspberry Chocolate Ice Pops

Ever heard the saying: "I'm happy as a Raspberry Chocolate Ice Pop?"

Gourmet's version:

our version:

(Half pretty, half gross outtake I thought you might enjoy:)
When Matt and I first moved to California together, we had no housewares at all. I remember shopping for essentials at Crate and Barrel and leaving with one bowl and this star-shaped popsicle mold set. Five years later, it has finally been put to use!

The recipe for these pops is pretty easy. It starts with fresh raspberries, corn syrup, water and sugar. Is this a blender full of raspberry stuff or a Jackson Pollack painting? You tell me.
One of the many great, rewarding things about this blog is that I've been able to sort of unknowingly put together a mildly serious pantry--i had both corn syrup and unsweetened cocoa powder on hand.

I hadn't studied the final picture intently enough, and so didn't realize that Gourmet was sabotaging my attempt by telling me to add the raspberry purée first. If you look at the recipe, it has you putting the chocolate in the center when clearly it should be the other way around. C'mon, Gourmet! I'm attemptin' here!

After freezing the first layer of raspberry for 20 minutes, I ladled in the chocolate,
which sunk right to the bottom.

Defeated, I added the final raspberry layer and left them to freeze overnight.

But, the following afternoon, I forgave Gourmet. Despite all the annoying raspberry seeds I didn't strain out like the recipe told me to, these things were delicious. And like any other red-blooded American, I ate mine while admiring The Vivianne*.
* I've asked Matt to type the story of this infamous painting, but he refuses, saying it's past midnight. If you don't know the story about The Vivianne and want to, SORRY. Maybe he'll tell it in the morning. He usually talks your ear off when it comes to this rosy-faced, half-pouting young man.


brock said...

omgosh, i need a case of these right now. i mean, a carton of these.

Vivianne = Little Lord Fauntleroy suit!!! (like what D. Tartt wore on her book tour)

curious said...

i would like to hear this story about the Vivianne.

Andrea said...

I've heard the story about the Vivianne. I think Matt should videotape himself telling it and post that here (or on eHow - i.e., how to spot a great painting and buy it and appraise it...), but it might take forever to upload.

These ice pops look great. We haven't had great luck with the molds we've bought in the past, so we may have to go star-shaped.

Matt said...

I will tell the story in a forthcoming post! It's too good to be relegated to "extended comment status" - I couldn't do that to The Vivianne. The Monk Painting on the other hand...

BTW We are still eating these pops for dessert and they are awesome.

The818 said...

These look so good! (As does the Vivianne!)

Mary Anne said...


Lines like these are why I love you:

"I've been able to sort of unknowingly put together a mildly serious pantry."

And the one about being annoyed by the raspberry seeds you declined to strain out.

These looked GOOOO!

article said...

Very nice photo hahaha : )