Chocolate Cream Sandwiches

Today's Cookies without Borders bake sale for Haiti called for some serious baking, which for me meant breaking out Sarah Magid's Organic and Chic and... edible gold dust. Remember The Goldies? Exactly!

Organic and Chic / Sarah Magid's version:
(Sorry about the poor representation--it's a picture of a picture.)

our version:
Just wait. It gets even better!

...even though it was touch and go for a while at the beginning. The cookie batter was super thick, causing my brand new KitchenAid some major agita. I turned it off and finished the rest by hand, split the mass into two separate piles, sandwiched that mass between two sheets of parchment paper and then tried my best to roll them into 1/8 inch thick sheets with help from a nice bottle of cab sauv.

Matt saw me struggling, drank some of the wine, and hopped in for support.

The cookies were delicious as straight sandwich cookies, but since this was an attempt with a cause beyond our own food wants, we decided to kick it up a notch by dipping them in chocolate and painting the dipped portion of the cookies in gold dust. With that said, I give you this tribute to chocolate and gold dust.

Wait. Wha? Has that cookie been dipped in gold? I'll take two... for charity (cash4gold charity?).

Thanks to everyone who organized the bake sale. I'd say it was a total success--even though you couldn't tell by the look on our friend Neal's face! Neal, what gives? You didn't get any of our magic, golden cookies?


George Gaston said...

Amelia, first I want to say that the Bake Sale for Haiti is a great way for community organizations to raise money for a very worthy cause. And it looks like you & Matt offered spectacular cookies for that cause.

Your cookies are far better than the original, because you made them your own. I like the added touch of dipping them in chocolate with gold accent. Definitely a recipe to be duplicated for a special occasion. Many thanks...

Matt said...

These were totally awesome.

Heather Taylor said...

amels!!! i didn't know you made those! wish I had tried them. you were very much there in spirit btw. i kept looking over into space and saying things like, "there's such a rich history of pedaphilia in or country" or "i die" or "remember when tevia used to blah blah blah"

Anonymous said...


Morgan @ The818 said...

They were amazing and you were missed!

Jodi said...

Gorgeous Cookies! Thanks for helping out the sale!! we raised $5,000 and counting!

Mark and Marsha said...

Wow Amelia!!! Those cookies look amazing. We are so jonesing for them now.

Mary Anne said...

Lookin good, Matt!