annual bake sale part 2: sour cream apricot cupcakes with mascarpone frosting and toasted almonds

Our second offering at the No Cookie Left Behind Bake Sale was a batch of sour cream apricot cupcakes with mascarpone frosting, also from the Ming Makes Cupcakes roster.

Ming Makes Cupcakes' Version
our version:
These cupcakes were suh-weet, even if our final, deflated picture isn't. See, our second batch had a few duds (see above) and a few out-and-out casualties (see below).
Here's a tip I wish someone would've told me before making these: Make sure to fully cover the apricot filling with batter. If not, the filling may explode.

As for the bake sale, it was a super success!
Oh, look, there's Heather, one of the co-hosts/bakers now. Niiiice shirt, by the way, HBT!
OH and this year, there was a raffle. Whaa?! Amazing. In short, I love this bake sale. Thanks so much to all who organized!


Megan Taylor said...

Those cupcakes looks insane! (even the casualty looks edible!). I've only been to the Bake Sale once, and I wish I could go every year to try all of the delicious seeming goodies.

By the way, I found the "To the Lighthouse" pic online, however I would bet my mom has that very copy (she collects rare editions of V.W.).

Furthermore, I just woke up from a dream about "The Wire," specifically Omar...after having finished it 2 weeks ago, I still can't stop thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

These cupcakes look divine. I am loving seeing how far you've come!

The818 said...

I can't believe I missed this creation. Last time I wait for my stinky kid to wake up from her nap!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me eat all the ones that 'sploded.