United Airlines' Snack Box

I don't know if you've noticed this about me, but I like to post every Sunday. It's a little tradition I've started that no one really holds me accountable for, except myself. So when I find myself overloaded with life tasks and can't get into the kitchen and don't have any attempts back-stocked and can't post on Sunday, it shouldn't really be a problem. So what if I miss one week, right? Except for the fact that the closer to Sunday it becomes, the more uncomfortable I feel not having anything to post.

The good news is that Matt and I are going on a week-long vacation to Kiawah, South Carolina and I will have lots of time for the recipes I've been earmarking. The bad news is that as we packed for our flight, I still had nothing planned for today.

Having explained all of my aforementioned post stress to a couple of people, my pal Lauren's comment got me thinking. She said something to the effect of: "Why don't you make your own airplane food?" Well, Lauren: Thank you! I did. Sort of. We made our own last minute snack box. We flew United, and they had a few options when it came to their snack boxes. Matt chose the "classic."

United's version:

And here's ours:
Our snack box came with some dry roasted pumpkin seeds, a bag of hard pretzels, Emergen-C, water, and the new Saveur! How lovely. The king size Snickers, which the good people at Snickers are kind enough to break up into two manageable mini-bars, is one of Matt's weird flight traditions. And that green prescription bottle? Also one of Matt's flight traditions.

Of course, this probably begs the question: does throwing snack items into a bag and calling it a snack box count for an attempt? Probably not. Do I feel better having kept my Sunday tradition? You bet.
We're officially on vacation! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

resourceful, witty and to the point. this lauren girl guided you well and solidified your committment to your loyal readers.

Ana Degenaar said...

Ahhh I envy you in a good way, traveling is amazing. Enjoy everything, even the little snacks!

Mary Anne said...

mmmm, snack packs!

have a great vacation, you two!

Andrea said...

I didn't know about the king size Snickers travel tradition. It used to be Slim Jim when we were kids. (I see that the classic snack box did have some kind of meat product in it, so that's not too far off.)

This is a post you can be proud of. I'm glad you didn't skip a Sunday.

Matthew said...

Yay for vacation. I can't believe I left my phone in LA.

Heather Taylor said...

have a great trip!! and just for good measure, turn it up!!