Geeking Out with 3-D Reindeer & Sleigh Cookies

their version:

our version:
Best thing about the directions by far: They tell you how to transport the cookies once assembled.
I think it's fair to say that we are getting into the holiday spirit. Just a little? (Those are boughs of holly in the vases there.)

It's nice to know we aren't alone. Other people/places I love who are also feeling the holiday spirit:

For where to purchase your very own 3-D cookie cutters, check out previous post's gift guide!


Anonymous said...

total cuteness! do they come with 3-D glasses?

jeana sohn said...

"i'm like ,, shocked!!" ;)

amazing job, amelia.

Mary Anne said...

but why don't they have eyeballs?

Matthew said...

I seriously can not wait to eat these reindeer.

Heather Taylor said...

wowowoowowoowow. love. i'm also, like, shocked.

Anonymous said...

I just tried reach out and eat the reindeer off of your mantel - so 3D!

Alex said...

Your Holiday Spirit Grade
Personalized stockings: A+
Taking cookies to next dimension: A+
Using patriotic sleigh cutters: A
Holly in a vase on your mantel: A+
Overall: A+

Amelia Morris said...

@mary anne: great question. I didnt have any black food coloring.

@anonymous: hahahhaaaa

@alex: LOVE that I only got an A for the cookie cutters. and pretty excited about the overall A+!!

the granola project said...

totally adorable.

Marsha and Mark said...

Amelia, I would also have difficulty waiting to eat the reindeer. On another note, maybe we should go into the quince supply business since we have a quince bush that yields fruit every year.

janice said...

(wish I had tuned in earlier for the wreath making suggestions! very cool!)

And--exaxctly who has been eating all of these holiday sweets? Love it all!