Big (Huge) Sur

We all know the saying: If Vanity Fair isn’t coming to you. You go to Vanity Fair. Or, put another way (in case that’s not a familiar saying to you): these idyllic photos of me and my family in Big Sur are what I imagine our fictional Vanity Fair spread might look like.
Our family (sans Mavis) spent most of last week at an old friend’s place in Big Sur. The trip was both an adventure and a Walden-esque escape pod from the noise of the world. For the past eight months, because of fires followed by cataclysmic rains, this portion of the coast has only been accessible by a 26-mile windy, narrow mountain pass with no cell service or guardrails. In a small way, we were mercifully off the grid. We had satellite Internet, but we couldn’t use our phones to actually call anyone—something Matt still does with regularity. The only TV monitors we saw were dead and stacked in a cross outside of the Henry Miller Memorial Library. We fell into a pretty simple routine that went mostly like this: breakfast, coffee, hike, lunch by the ocean, exploration, wine, dinner at 5pm, campfire, songs, stories, and sleep. It was a really good trip.

As for that noisy world that we instantly returned to? Well, the thing that I’m holding tight to, the thing that became so obviously clear to me during this trip is that of all of the things, people, institutions, etc. one can choose to worship in this world, I choose nature. I choose the ocean—the otters we saw floating on their backs, cracking open abalone, the whales we saw slapping their flippers against the surface of the water, and the giant, heart-expanding redwoods. I choose the sea air, the moon, the sun, the planets. The universe!

As for food, I made another Japanese egg dish. I’ll be sure to share it with you soon.

Teddy inside one heck of a spirit nest.

Isaac got a stick!
Isaac lost his stick!

One million cheers for the hummingbird that just barely made the frame.


Matthew said...

I've been having nacimiento fergusson dreams since we got back xoxo

Dani Elis said...

This place looks so so beautiful! Sticks, nature and all :)

SarahCatherine said...

Wish I had those redwoods close by to run around in! As for me, I'm realizing I've been pulled more and more to music lately, listening to albums in full (currently SZA's new album) and forgetting about this world we live in. It's been glorious, if only for a moment.

Kara said...

Well this post is my everything. The pictures are outrageously beautiful. Stop it with the family portraits already! So freaking gorgeous. Also, big ups to you two who use phones for, like, talking to people. Xoxo

Nina said...

Thank you for the lovely post and dreamy pictures, which gave me a little instant vacation to California - a place I've been thinking about a lot lately, but from which I am very far (central Europe).

Mary Jo said...

Love this so much!

M_M_N said...

Having just returned from a week of nature exploration in the Sierras, I can't agree with you more. Mother Nature is all-mighty! So many amazing (inadequate word) places to explore in California, we are truly blessed to live here. Looks like you found a sweet spot in Big Sur, no harm in returning again and again.

mliss said...

Beautiful. I'm so jealous. We all need to get away from the madness.