raspberry lemon heart cakes/ FAMILY valentine's day: a semi-success story?

In their February issue, Bon Appetit planned out a menu for a FAMILY valentine's day. So, I decided to tackle the dessert portion of that menu, Raspberry Lemon Heart Cakes. Here's their picture from the magazine:

And here's my family's version! (NOTE: I don't have any children and am currently living in a separate state/city than my husband/ spent my Valentine's night alone, baking.)
Surprisingly close, right?!!

If only the actual cake would've turned out as similar... I've been mulling over what I think I did wrong and I think part of it was that I pulled it out of the oven too soon. See that weirdness in the center? I should've waited...but it had already been in the oven for 32 mins and their recipe called for 26-28.

Despite having zero children helping me, I still made a nice mess.

Their version looks so light and airy!

Mine were dense and sort of rubbery.

It wasn't a Valentine's completely devoid of my husband, though. Check out the bowl I mixed everything in:


Anonymous said...

Those look AMAZING! Wish I could've helped. Maybe we'll make something in MARCH!

Heather Taylor said...

hahahaha! this is so cute!

Andrea said...

I love the picture, Amerz...and tell me what the rest of that lovely bowl says? Andrea

Anonymous said...

That bowl is amazing. And not to worry - you're husband was rocking it Coquesah style, dedicating every song to you.

Anonymous said...

(I don't know why I spelled 'your' that way.)

Mary Anne said...

uhhhhhhhh how is there not a comment from me on this post??? This is one of my all-time faves!!

Shrey Patel said...

So many great ideas! Everything looks so appetizing!Can’t wait to try it!