bon appétempt going savory or "roasting a chicken is sooooooo easy"

I've been meaning to roast a chicken for the last 7 years. Everyone's always talking about how easy it is - using terms like "one-pot wonder" and "easy as roastin' a chicken." I finally decided to give it a go. Keeping in step with the pattern I've set up for myself, I used a Bon Appetit recipe. Here's their version:
And of course, now here's mine (there are veggies underneath there, I swear.):
First step outside of my comfort zone: I had to take a trip to THE BUTCHER ... after some friendly meat-based conversation, he and I decided on a 5 pound organic bird.
I wanted to cook it in my sweet le creuset pot my brother got me for my birthday, but as it turns out, it was too cute and too little. This is where my husband, Matt, began saying things like, "Time to get bon appetempt with it."
We decided on: Lasagna pan with foil enhancements...
Ever rub butter underneath skin? It's weird. VERY weird.
OH and also, I don't have one of those instant-read thermometers you're supposed to put in the bird's leg. We just pulled it out a few times and cut into it in places and then took a vote on whether or not we thought it was ready.

And what do you know? Two hours later, it wasn't overdone or underdone. Here she is, again--poor lil' guy.
The potatoes and carrots and parsnips and yams were perfect. And I hate to say it, but all in all, this meal was fairly easy (and would be even easier with a roasting pan) and with plenty of leftovers. And when I say leftovers, I'm talking about chicken carcass, which I'm currently and proudly simmering for chicken stock.


Mary Anne said...

That bird cost you $17?


Mary Anne said...

That chicken looks FANTASTIC!

Andrea said...

Yummy! Just the other day, Adam and I were at a small farmer's market (in a MALL, no less) and one of the farms was selling whole chickens. I convinced Adam not to get it because it would be "too much trouble." I hope he doesn't see this blog and go bon appete-anger on me!!!

Anonymous said...

Roasting a chicken was one of my first kitchen hurdles to overcome. Glad to see yours was a success!

Heather Taylor said...

I love roasting chix! yummy yummy!

angela said...

Roasted chicken is my specialty. I have been perfecting it since I was 16. If and when we make it back to LA, I will show you my secrets! ;) In the meantime, let me just say that next time, you should flip the little guy over and roast him belly-up. Makes the dark meat all that much more juicy! YUUUUUUMMMMMM.