martha stewart cupcake REDUX

Sara and Sean's awesome baby, Dashiell, turned ONE and when I came over to celebrate and help decorate the cupcakes, she had her laptop on the kitchen counter opened to THIS, which warmed my heart... Anyway, had to share the results:

The hedgehog returns, perhaps as a porcupine:

I personally really liked the vibe this cat was giving off. (Wish I could say the same about the monkey/bear (??).)

But this really says it all:
I think Sara should send this in to Martha Stewart with the following note: My son hates your cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

That baby is CUTE! Was that a real porcupine?

Andrea said...

I like seeing Dashiell on this blog!

Heather Taylor said...


Emma said...

these were the sweetest cupcakes

i need baking lessons from you!