Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting: A Lesson in Being Honest With Who I Am

So, for my pal's 30th birthday (murder mystery) party, I was in charge of the cake and I really wanted to go classic and layer. So after some flip-flopping, I finally decided on the below red velvet cake recipe from Bon Appétit's website.
BUT then, after writing down the ingredients and thinking about all the work involved and the economic crisis, which is always compounded by the fact that I'm a grad student and then there was the price of berries and seeing that Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe was on sale for $1.99 when just moments before I had felt like nothing could be $1.99, I changed my mind.

Long story short. Here's their version:

and mine:

All that being confessed and me still being me, I still couldn't buy the fake, hydrogenated-oil-laden icing, so I did make that from scratch via the Bon Appétit recipe.

And hey, I still had to hand-mix the batter, didn't I?

Part of the reason why I stuck with the Bon Appétit icing was because the ingredients list was so simple: butter, cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar. Only, it did call for an electric mixer and yes, this is what you get when hand-mixing butter with cream cheese:

Fast forward to the part that I was nervous about...

Almost there...
Look! (and with no offset spatula like they are always telling me to use!)

p.s. dear food stylists, beat this:


corinne said...

That cream cheese butter concoction looks like a chicken.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean ingredierts? The picture of your Duncan Hines cover looks weirdddddddd.

Andrea said...

Amerzz, red velvet is my absolute favorite cake and yours looks fantastic. Can you please make me one for my 30th birthday?

Mary Anne said...

Amerz, i get so excited as I scroll down to the "my version" photo. And then I always laugh out loud. No offense.

that looks awesommmeeee

My mom always baked us a heart-shaped red velvet cake from scratch on Valentine's Day! awww.

Anonymous said...

it looks like you murdered the cake and left it bloody.

Anonymous said...

Love that box photo -- especially impressed by how you substituted CAVIAR for the....cake.

Heather Taylor said...