Mini-Étempt: Parchment-Baked Salmon

I'd never baked anything in parchment before and so had previously placed it in the realm of ridiculous recipes I would never make/ thought it would be perfect for this blog, however it was soooooooooo easy that I sort of feel guilty about even posting it, but then, because it was so easy and so delicious, I wanted to share it. (What a conundrum!)

OK, I'm posting it. Here we go. Martha's version:
And mine:

For me, the biggest challenge was getting over the task of buying fish at the supermarket. And when I got there, sure enough there was no black bass, only chilean sea bass and since I watch Top Chef/ worry about overfishing, sustainability, etc., I knew that that was a definite NO for me. BTW, this website is really cool...just type in any fish and it tells you the deal on what you want to buy, etc. So, luckily, I knew my next bet would be wild-caught sockeye salmon. Isn't it pretty?

Honestly, I can't get over how easy and simple this dish was. I'm going to add it to my list of "recipes I feel comfortable making and look good while making it." (I don't really have a list like that and if I did, I wouldn't add this recipe to it, I'd add this recipe).


Anonymous said...

What a conundrum! Looks great - I'm going to have to put my non-smoked salmon fears aside to try this.

Mary Anne said...

are those giant slabs of ginger on top??? yummers!!