Still Savory: Mushroom Turnovers With Sour Cream

Dear faithful and fair-weather readers,

I've been feeling sort of guilty about not tackling another behemoth of a recipe like this one or this one or this one, all of which I have had my eye on and would love to tackle. AND will, soon. In four week's time, I will be permanently reunited with my baking companion, matt, as well as a food processor. This will be blog-changing...

But in the mean time, I am trying to make do. The following is a recipe that tools-wise only called for a rolling pin, which my roommate had. YES! And despite its simple ingredients list and (dishonest) stated prep time of 25 minutes, it was definitely still challenge enough for me to mess it up... as you will see.

and mine :(

sooooo, it started off easy enough: olive oil, onions, mushrooms, salt and pepper.

But then I had trouble rolling the puff pastry out to the 20x10 inches the recipe called for.

which led to me not trimming the edges like I was supposed to because 1. I thought I needed all the space I could get and 2. at the time, I didn't see the harm in it.

Then I saw the harm. Not only did they end up looking much less uniform/ Martha-esque, but functionally, the edges didn't line up and so they didn't seal up properly and so they leaked juices everywhere:

And due to this leaking, they totally stuck to the pan. So sad.

That being said, they tasted pretty good and even better with a healthy portion of sour cream.


Matt said...

Great post! Who's Mary Anne? She looks so weird!

Mary Anne said...

WHO's Mary Anne?? Who is MATT?? Hmph.

Mary Anne said...

Re the post: which is what i initially intended to comment on-- Hilarious, as per usual, Ames. I am not so sure I would deem this one a non-success. While your pastries did not look as fluffy and perfect as those made by a TEAM of crazed chefs and food stylists, I have no doubt yours tasted DELISH. I am sad they lost their juices though. And got stuck.

Sherman Alexie said...

Honestly your version looks BETTER. Martha's version looks like WORM turnovers.

Who the heck are Mary Anne and Matt? Why is this happening to me? Is this going to be forever?

Heather Taylor said...

those look delish. i want to make now.