Guest-attempt: Mare's Lemon Layer Cake

When Amelia asked me to guest-attempt on her blog, I was filled with trepidation. How could I top the dacquoise? Was I setting myself up for a heartbreaking non-success? I'm not much of a baker, so naturally I decided to bake something. I decided to go real low-pressure and promised my sister that I'd bake the cake for her birthday party. Noooooo pressure there.

That said, I really rose to the occasion, in my opinion. Their version:

And my version:

Now lest everyone gets all, "I can't even tell which is THEIR version and which is YOUR version!" I must admit that I didn't choose a side view before and after because while Gourmet's layer cake was a self-described "8-inches" tall (whatever, Gourmet--you lie), my cake was what one might call a "shorty." In fact, I think one should call it that. It was more like 2-inches tall sans frosting. Side view of the shorty:

Well, in case that picture doesn't quite capture it, it was one short cake. Despite its shortness, it was lemony and delicious and looked quite classy with the petals I pulled off my rosemary plant and scattered casually all over the top. (By casually I mean, I painstakingly arranged them that way to make them look random/casual.) And note I did not follow the recipe when it called for "candied violets" that one is supposed to candy oneself. Whaa?? Also, I did not curd my own lemon curd for the frosting, because frankly I think that sounds gross.

Let's revisit some highlights from the baking bonanza, shall we? Pretty white ingredients:

Are these peaks stiff enough for ya, Gourmet magazine??

(Prob not.) And let's take one more look at my casually scattered rosemary petals:
All in all, I really have Bon Appetempt to thank for my first from-scratch, non-mom-involved cake. Thanks, Bon Appetempt!


Matt said...

Looks awesome Mare! Super short though...

Amelia Morris said...

could i have outsourced the first guest attempt to someone who would've candied their violets? MAYBE. would i have gotten a wonderful story about a young woman who is not afraid to call Gourmet magazine out while describing her own shorty cake? NO.

well done, mare!!

Mary Anne said...

Fair enough, ames... next time i'll try something TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!

The818 said...

Your cake looks better. I'm just sayin'.