Physical Challenge: A BBQ Triple Header

So this weekend was pretty standard. Ran some errands. Hung out with friends. Got some writing done, oh... and... pulled a TRIPLE bon appetempter.

The inspiration for this physical challenge wasn't Marc Summers, but rather the fact that Matt and I are house-sitting the house that has the KitchenAid that gave me the courage to try the cake that started this whole blog, and well, another tool they have that I don't is a GRILL and a back yard, which isn't a tool, but it does have a sandbox and a swing set, which could be tools in a MacGruber sketch. Soooo, we decided to do an impromptu barbecue with friends.

First, there was Gourmet's homemade ginger ale.

Gourmet's version:

our version:
sponsored by PYREX.

Everyone should make this. It's amazing, refreshing and the only annoying part is peeling all the ginger. Corinne, my collaborator on the fauxstess cupcakes, helped with this even though Matt kept downshifting her knife skills. Matt got his though when some ginger squirted into his eye, sidelining him while we boiled the ginger syrup.

Next up was the Corn-and-Tomato Scramble:

Gourmet's version:

my version:
Note: Because the BBQ was last minute, we were running around and the picture matching suffered slightly. (I'm just as disappointed as you are, but have a special something at the end of the post to make up for it.)

House-sitting also involves dog-sitting. Meet Gatsby. She helped shuck the corn.

Jodi brought this delicious salad. I think the conversation went something like this:

Jodi: It's a fennel and arugula salad--from this month's Bon Appetit.
me: Oh, is it an attempt?
Jodi: Do you want it to be?
me: Yes.

bon appetit's version:

jodi's version:
The main event was Gourmet's Sticky Balsamic Ribs.

Gourmet's version:

my versions:

These ribs called for a conglomeration of things I've never done before, which included buying ribs. We started with a 24-hour marinade/rub.
Have you ever taken a cleaver to a piece of meat like this? I had to just to fit the pieces in the roasting pan and man, did it feel weird. Also, thanks to Sara for aforementioned roasting pan and cleaver--two things that also made this attempt possible.

So, after roasting for 2 hours, making a glaze out of the juices, brushing that glaze all over the ribs and grilling for 6 minutes, they were finally DONE, and I believe, a complete success...

I leave you with one last comparison. If any of you subscribe to Gourmet, you may remember the below mysterious gentleman from your issue:

Our version:I tried to get him to wear a similar hat and tried to make him give me a more mysterious look, but this being the opposite of Matt's kind of thing (while I was asking for mystery, he was asking, "How much longer do I have to dangle this rib bone?"), I think I was pretty lucky to snap this one. And the outtakes are priceless.


Matt said...

This was soooo much fun! Those ribs were awesome.

Mary Anne said...

wow, that looks SO FUN! wish i could see pictures of the par-tay! looks super sophisticated.

Andrea said...

This is another attempt where yours looks better than theirs. Matt and the rib bone is a priceless photo - may we see outtakes, please?

Doug Diesenhaus said...

That's a pretty good attempt from a visiting cook/blogger.

Anonymous said...

I actually made that ginger ale recipe and it didn't work. Your ribs look good.

Anonymous said...

Matt has the Mona Lisa smile. Very mysterious. Dadbers

Neal said...

all the food was delicious. can you throw like 5 more of these this summer?

Gatsby said...

Shucking corn is hard!

sara said...

dude you guys taught gatsby to type? you are such better dog-havers than we.

Diane/ Cooking with Jamie Oliver, one recipe, one weeknight at a time. said...

I work at Bon Appétit and found out about your blog a while ago. I've been a loyal reader since then and have loved all of your projects- Keep up the good work! Glad the ribs turned out well. I was wondering about that one...


Brock said...

yes please show outtakes!