Going Korean Part 2: Korean Rice Bowl / The Bibimbap

Lately I've found myself taking on way too many things. This usually leads to feelings of regret, specifically because I'm not doing any of them as well as I could if I'd only been more singularly focused. Because of this, and a few other reasons, namely Matt's and my two-year anniversary, we are skipping town, going off the grid, and heading to Desert Hot Springs. We cannot wait. No TV, no emails, and no phone. Just desert, hot springs, books, food and one movie we are probably the last people in the world not to have seen yet and are undoubtedly committing multiple cinema crimes given that we'll have to watch it on a laptop.

Bon Appetit's version:
photograph by Jose Picayo

our version:

Do you know how many of these Vivenne/ingredient photos Matt takes that don't make the blog? So many. I don't know why Mugi Miso made the cut except for the fact that Matt and I've been asking each other all week where I / he put the Mugi Miso as we need it stat. (It's never not in the refrigerator.)
Do you guys remember the Mugi Miso? Well, the recipe didn't call for it. What it did call for was Korean hot pepper paste (kochujang). I couldn't find this at the grocery store, but according to the recipe, this paste is just a mixture of miso and hot chilies. I knew we had Sambal Oelek, which is essentially just straight chilies. SO, I thought if I mixed the two, I'd basically get Korean hot pepper paste. (On the left below is the Mugi Miso and on the right is the Sambal Oelek.)
I think it worked. Not having recently tried the real thing, it's pretty hard to say, but our makeshift mixture tasted umami-ish with heat.

Luckily with food, when you take on too many things, it's still usually edible. So yes, I slightly overcooked the steak and the kimchee was excruciatingly hot. However, the egg was perfectly runny and the asparagus nice and al dente, and all in all, I loved this meal. Even more so, I loved the eggs and rice I made the following day with the leftover rice and sesame salt.

As for Matt and me and the desert? We leave tomorrow morning. Now let's see if I can finish some of the things I've started--like maybe all of these half-read books I loved the beginning of so much?
For bibimbap recipe, click HERE.


Amelia Morris said...

It's 1:15 a.m. Has anyone seen the Mugi Miso?

Stanele said...

Don't fret...you're not the only ones to have not seen 'that movie' yet. To be honest...my wife and I will probably be the last ones on earth to not see it...until the end of time. Does James Cameron keep track of this? Are we going to wake one night to a glowing blue 'man' with tail standing by our bed? Eek.
Love bibimbap...oh man. We've found that any sort of stir fry is taken up ten notches when you add a fried egg. And how! :)

Jessica said...

OMG. This looks amazing, I also totally agree with what you said a few posts back, that an egg makes so many dishes better. Also, you should really see Avatar in 3D. Have a great trip!

Mary Anne said...

Bibim bap!
Rice and eggs!
The staging cups!

This post made me nostalgic.

Looked sooooo good. Have fun in the desert! Take lots of pics for us!

sara said...

have fun on your trip!

ps the mugi miso/vivienne pic somehow looks like one of those hostage pics. like, WE HAVE YOUR MISO..AND THE WEIRD PAINTING TO PROVE IT.

CherieNB said...

I would never have tried to make Bibimbap on my own, but I figure if you can do it, I can do it!

I've seen "that movie" twice, and also recieved it as a Mother's Day gift. So if you never see it, I've seen it enough for both of us.

Amelia Morris said...

thanks, friends. Mugi Miso for everyone!

Heather Taylor said...

LOVED this recipe (and totally copied you and made a makeshift rice/egg frittata for lunch the next day). turn it up!!!

Andrea said...

I love this recipe! Yumm.

Kara said...

I really really really want to eat this. But I need YOU to make it for me. Please?

Also, I have not seen Avatar. And don't really have plans too. Crime?