Mother's Day

My mom's been in town visiting all week. In the words of Saturday Night Live's Miley Cyrus Show, it's been pretty cool. This time around, her biannual west coast visit included a trip to the Getty Villa, seafood in Malibu, Malo's tacos, a date shake, a couple of days in Palm Springs, and of course, an attempt or two. Happy Mother's Day!

from top to bottom:
1. Martha Stewart's version of edible flowers in ice cubes.
2. My version.
3. Edible flowers ready to get an ice bath.
4. I used plastic cups instead of the large ice cube mold Martha recommended purchasing—hence, the cylindrical ice cubes.
5. Drink on the (flowery) rocks.
6. One of the many spectacular ceilings at the Getty Villa. (If you are in the L.A. area, you must go.)
7. View from our lunch table at the Reel Inn Restaurant in Malibu.
8. Mom's lunch at the Reel Inn Restaurant in Malibu.
9. Famous ground beef and pickle tacos at Malo restaurant in Silver Lake.
10. Part of the dinner I cooked for Mom. (More on this later.)
11. Hadley's famous date shake en route to Palm Springs with Mom.
12. Hadley's famous(?) fresh ostrich and emu eggs. (By the way, are those fair market prices?)
13. Palm Springs at last!
14. Mom. I got to spend Mother's Day with my mom! I can't remember the last time that happened. Unfortunately, Grandma couldn't make the trip. Which of course, brings us to...
15. Printed out comments from the In the Kitchen with Grandma post. As Grandma's house isn't exactly Internet-ready, I put these in the mail and sent them to her. She should get them tomorrow, which of course reminds me of the fact that there are only a few days left to vote in Saveur's Food Blog awards. Check out all the categories here and vote for your favorites!


Matthew said...

This post is pretty cool! I ate one of the edible flowers and it tasted weird.

Unknown said...

Love this post....what a great week/weekend!

Jessica said...

How was the Date shake?? I've heard it's pretty cool!

Heather Taylor said...

So cozy! Love the momma time. Love the date shakes. Love the PS. It's all - pretty cool.

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Hooray for Moms! Also, those ice cubes are the BEST idea.

jeana sohn said...

so sweet! i like matt's comment. haha

Katherine said...

love all these photographs - especially the edible flowers and the fresh eggs :) Happy Mother's Day!

Mary Anne said...

Tell Becky she hasn't aged a bit in 12 years! What a fun week!

Unknown said...

Did you buy an ostrich or emu egg?! I've always wanted to try one. $30 does seem mighty expensive though.

Megan Taylor said...

You DO NOT get a puppy!