Hot Dog Rice Bowl + Mom Rage!

I wanted to make something special for you to officially announce the launch of my brand new podcast: Mom Rage. I was thinking about something akin to a Mom Rage Pie or Mom Rage brownies. I dunno. It didn't happen! What you get instead is the above Hot Dog Rice Bowl™. It's kind of an LOL, but also pretty delicious. It's a version of a typical weekday meal for us. Instead of hot dogs, I usually serve it with roasted garbanzo beans and a fried egg or two. If we're going to add hot dogs, I prefer the turkey variety, but alas, they were out of those at the grocery store, so what you see here is a mix of chicken and all-beef hot dogs atop basmati rice with a delicious salad (Kenter Canyon Farms winter greens, cucumbers, goat cheese, and a lemon juice and olive oil dressing). We always serve this kind of bowl with whole-milk yogurt and chili-garlic sauce. Bon appétit, guys! (Looking very forward to this post kicking off a major hot-dog rice bowl trend. You saw it here first!) 

OK, and now introducing: Mom Rage

I hope you'll listen. It's a passion project for me and my friend and co-host, Edan Lepucki. Our goal is to expand the conversation about motherhood. We're approaching this by talking honestly about our own lives as well as talking to other parents. In my more ambitious moments, I like to think about it as a podcast version of Stud Terkel's Working. I've also taken to riffing on a line from Women who Run with the Wolves. The line is: "Every woman is entitled to an Allelujia Chorus." And what I've been saying to Matt is: "Every woman is entitled to an interview on Mom Rage!" 

Here are the first two episodes! You can listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Please also note that the fanastic theme song is by Matt, Teddy, and Isaac.

Let's rage!


Matthew said...

So excited for Mom Rage! and hot dog rice bowls xoxo

charlotte said...

I'm not a Mum but I do have RAGE! Looking forward to listening!

Kara said...

Hahahaha hot dog rice bowls!! Excellent. I love the theme song and was truly hoping that was Matt on guitar. Then I thought, but wait, is it Amelia on guitar?! Anyway, it’s excellent, as are all the things you guys make together, and I am SO excited about listening to the second episode! Gonna make myself wait until tomorrow to do so. Xoxo

Luisa said...

I am INTO the podcast. And I'm so old and grouchy that podcasts are really not my thing. Love it and can't wait to hear more. Even left you a 5 star review! :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha re: hot dog bowls. I love that.
Additionally, when I listened to your podcast, I was struck by the negative perceptions both of you have of the title/role as "mom" and what that means to you. "Mom" to me is not synonymous with anything lame. I reject that premise and redefine what the role means to me. I would never allow nor tolerate being made fun of within my family -like, "Oh that's just mom, let's dismiss her." - fuck that. Obviously, my kids tease me, but they don't disrespect me nor negate my thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc.
I think if you asked my children, they would say I am strong, intelligent, driven, secure, and grounded of self. They know who I am and because of that, their perception of mom is "positive" and solid and reliable.
Of course, parenting is overwhelming and exhausting and often thankless. Women are expected to accomplish unobtainable goals - clean children; clean house; successful career, marriage, sex life, gym life; perfectly healthy meal plan; etc - and that feeds the rage. I feel like there needs to be a focus on women allowing themselves and others to change that perception. Maybe then the MOM RAGE could lessen. I think it starts with changing - or redefining - what being an awesome mom means to you and how you can successfully support yourself and others being those things.

Amelia Morris said...

@charlotte, Kara & The Wednesday Chef: THANK YOU, GUYS!!

@unknown: Thanks for listening and your thoughts! Edan and I aren't speaking for all women. That's a giant reason why we're going to have guests with each episode. I think it's fantastic that you don't have a negative reaction to the word "mom"! And I'm sure plenty of moms feel the same way as you do.

The following is a line from Adrienne Rich's Of Woman Born that's really inspiring to us: "I believe increasingly that only the willingness to share private and sometimes painful experience can enable women to create a collective description of the world which will be truly ours." xoxx

KK said...

Loved the podcast!!! Gonna pass on this hot dog bowl ;)

Heather Struck said...

Mom Rage!! This is so great.