The Honey Caramel Peach Pie

While on an all-out bon appétempt dessert bender, I enlisted the help of my friend Sara for some good old fashion honey caramel peach pie making. What can I say, the July issue of Gourmet has really spoken (and continues to speak) to me.

their version:
our version:

Disclaimer: The picture contains a photoshopped thumb. Any resemblance to my own thumb is purely coincidental.

After an eventful ransacking of whole foods for ingredients, we got started by kneading the dough for the pie crust. The trick was to knead it until the dough became as tender as a baby's bottom.

Then, we blanched, peeled, and chopped 3 pounds of local peaches butts.

At this point we realized that there was almost certainly some manner of toddler in the kitchen with us. We took comfort in the knowledge that like a bee, it was most likely more afraid of us then we were of it, so we let him do his thing and just stayed the pie course, doing our best not to engage it with any quick or aggressive movements.

Ever boil honey, sugar and water to make homemade caramel? It smells amazing. Plus, this part was by far the most relaxing as the naked baby had left peacefully and without harming us.
After chilling the pie crusts in the refrigerator for one hour, we got to work rolling them out.

Then, tossed the fresh peaches with the honey caramel sauce and filled the pie:

The coast seemed clear for a moment...

but 70 minutes later, after it was pulled from the oven, guess who came waltzing back demanding the entire pie??
Many thanks to Sara and Dash. Without their help and picture-taking, this post would've been very different...Let's just say, I wouldn't have been crying with laughter as I uploaded the photos.

**ALSO, please feel free to post suggestions in the comments section for something you'd like us to tackle. We are feeling silly with this rash of successes and welcome an overly ambitious potential failure!**


Leslie said...

Hahahaha. That is one cute baby!

Andrea said...

I'm glad that toddler didn't harm anyone! I've got a suggestion - how about something that involves soaking beans, like cassoulet?

Anonymous said...

The pie looks fantastic, Dash is absolutely adorable but the thumb is a real turnoff. Mombers and Dadbers

Brock said...

1. i don't want to think about naked babies walking around in my food!!

2. special request: would you pleeeze repost that koala photo or make a permanent link in sidebar or something?? maybe it could even be your "avatar." whatever that means.

The818 said...

Oh man. That butt.

Mary Anne said...
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pete said...

make this!

maya said...

you guys rule so bad. great job for exposing the truth for the rest of us! :)