Favorites from 2012

Before we bid adieu to 2012, let's take a look back at some favorite moments, OK?

Favorite Recipe We Made in 2012: A tie between the cream-braised cabbage and our bolognese.

My Favorite Photo from 2012 (from the rajas poblanas attempt):

Matt's Best Shot in 2012:
Psyyyyyyyyccch! In the words of Matt, "I look like an escaped circus clown photobombing a nice family portrait."

OK, so seriously, I think this is Matt's best shot, at Langer's, no less:

Matt's Favorite Song of 2012: A tie between Japandroids' "The House That Heaven Built" and Tanlines' "All of Me."

Amelia's Favorite Song of 2012: A tie between Tanlines' "All of Me," Twin Shadow's "Five Seconds," and Cat Power's "Manhattan."

Amelia's Favorite Album of 2012: Lord Huron's Lonesome Dreams.

Favorite Passage from a Book I Read in 2012: A tie.
From Adam Gopnik's Paris to the Moon:
"The stories are mostly about life spent at home and include a lot--some will think too much--about the trinity of late-century bourgeois obsessions: children and cooking and spectator sports, including the spectator sport of shopping. Yet life is mostly lived by timid bodies at home, and since we see life as deeply in our pleasures as in our pains, we see the differences in lives as deeply there too. The real differences among people shine most brightly in two bedrooms and one building, with a clock ticking, five years to find out how and why."

And Annie Dillard's Teaching a Stone to Talk:
"Now I no longer concurred with my shipmates' joke; I no longer wanted to 'come back' as a sea lion. For I thought, and I still think, that if I came back to life in the sunlight where everything changes, I would like to come back as a palo santo tree, one of thousands on a cliffside on those godforsaken islands, where a million events occur among the witless, where a splash of rain may drop on a yellow iguana the size of a dachsund, and ten minutes later the iguana may blink. I would like to come back as a palo santo tree on the weather side of an island, so that I could be, myself, a perfect witness, and look, mute, and wave my arms."

Favorite Podcast from 2012: The Inner Landscape of Beauty with John O'Donohue
Favorite Sports Moments of 2012: A tie.
Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings' victory over China in the semifinals was a sight to behold. These women put the extra As in amaaaaaaazing.
AP Photo/Petr David Josek via here
You guys know I love gymnastics, and as much as I loved the moments where team USA took gold, this clip from the mini documentary on Aly Raisman, Quest for Gold, really stuck with me. Particularly, the end where after a grueling practice, Aly's coach tells her, "Get a massage if you can get. Get a jacuzzi if you can get. Relax. Okay?"

I know the categories are a bit random, but hey, so was 2012! But what about you guys? Favorite moments from the year? Would love to hear them!

And of course, we're looking forward to an amazing 2013.

Your best friends forever,
Amelia, Matt, and Mavis


Matthew said...

HA. You guys got photo-bombed by a crazy person... oh wait...
Unlike this fellow:
I've never been accused of being photogenic! Here's to a fantastic 2013.

tannaz sassooni said...

Matt: my brain has switched to the crazy place where I read "unlike this fellow" as a command. i seem to have forgotten that we had the word 'unlike' before facebook reinvented it. scary.

Amelia (and Matt and Mavis): happy new year to you all! i always think back to our cozy christmas brunch that planted the seed for bon appetempt. can't wait to see what 2013 has in store! i'm sure amazing things!

Mary Anne said...

great list! i made the cabbage last night! looking forward to listening to all yer muzac now...

W said...

Matt, I can't believe we didn't get to bond over shared Japandroids love. But, seriously...if you don't post the picture of you and Lucky, now that you've posted the clown-bomb pic, I may have to...

Amers, a few categories I'd like to see appended to this post:

Best film
Best restaurant meal
Best Les Mis Song
Best Tip
Best Mavis

Julia Marks said...

John O'Donoghue. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Anticipating the eats & beats of 2013!

Jessica said...

Beautiful recap and that family photo is too much! Looking forward to following your adventures in 2013!

sarah said...

Happy New Year!!
I'm newish to your blog but I gotta say...I'm crazy about it!
Your sense of humor is spot on (I can't get enough of the videos...the one in the tip pit almost killed me). Also love the crepe video and the one of you making eclairs with your mom. Keep having fun! Keep trying new things and inspiring me to do the same! Weee!

Amelia Morris said...

Thanks, Sarah!!

Laura said...

So in love with your music selections! That Twin Shadow album SLAYS. Happy new year to you :)

Amelia Morris said...

Thanks, Laura! That Lord Huron album really is perfection. :)

Dorie @ Brooklyn Salt said...

Gimme that creamy cabbage.

Rachel said...

That Matt photo at Langer's could not be more Los Angeles Jewy. I love it.

Meaghan said...

Goddamnit! I still haven't made that cabbage.

Erica @ Abbie and Erica's Adventures said...

Hi Laura, I just started reading your blog and I think its pretty freaking great. Thanks for introducing me to Lord Huron! Amazingness.